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Fibreglass Swimming Pool

Easy To Maintain Fibreglass Pools Matching Your Lifestyle

Do you like soaking up in the sun? fibreglass pools could be a great option for the property owners who want to spend a right amount of time enjoying inside the pool and less for cleaning it. Did you know the smooth surface of the fibreglass pool self maintenance facility and the installation also take less than a day? So, you will be left with more money for grilling, parties have fun by the swimming pool.

Well, if you’re looking for the best fibreglass swimming pools, there are a few factors you have to consider-


When there is a pool design in your mind, it will be imperative to the pool building process. However, make sure you covey the design requirement of a fibreglass swimming pool to Brisbane professionals, before making the design into reality.


As soon as you finalise the design, it will be manufactured accordingly. Fibreglass is strong as well as lightweight material that can be constructed by weaving small glass threads into the fabric and then hardening the fabric with special polyester resin. To gain a smooth finish, a water-resistant gel is applied. And, the entire installation process takes from one to three days depending on the time required for the excavation and electrical work.


Here comes the most attractive feature of such a pool! Fibreglass swimming pools from Gold Coast do not require any major maintenance like vinyl or concrete pools. Due to the water-resistant gel, such pools come with stable pH levels with minimal growth of the algae. It will save a lot of your money on the use of chemicals and tools.

At Lux Pools, you will get incredibly durable and easy to maintain fibreglass pools. Just choose the design, colour, size and shape you require. What we all aim is the strength, performance and innovative design that suits your lifestyle.

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